Paris--Notre Dame
Paris--Notre Dame
Versailles--the Apollo fountain facing the castle
Versailles--the Hall of Mirrors
Versailles--an 18th century courtier
Versailles---Fountain representing Louis XIV as Apollo
Versailles--Day Bed
Versaille--the State Bedroom of Louis XVI
Versailles--the State Bedroom of Marie Antoinette
Versailles--The Orangerie
Petit Trianon
Petit Trianon
Petit Trianon--Marie Antoinette's bedroom
Petit Trianon---detail from door
Petit Trianon--Staircase with Marie Antoinette's cipher
Peit Trianon--Drawing room
Petit Trianon
Marie Antoinette's Little Theatre
Petit Trianon --The Belvedere
Petit Trianon--Interior of the Belvedere
Entrance to the Peiti Hameau
The Petit Hameau---approaching the Queen's House
Petit Hameau--Staircase in the Queen's House
Petit Hameau--View of the Queen's House
Petit Hameau--Cottage
The Petit Hameau--the Scarecrow
Petit Hameau--the Dovecote
Petit Hameau--bust of the Queen
Petit Hameau--Mill House
Petit Hameau--The Mill
Petit Hameau--The Mill
Petit Hameau--Cottage Garden
Petit Hameau--the Marlborough Tower
Petit Hameau--Marie Antoinette's House
Petit Hameau--the paths
The Conciergerie
Marie Antoinette on trial
Marie Antoinette's cell
The Conciergerie---Marie Antoinette
The Widow Capet

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